Officers stop in at Burra Early Learning Centre

Police officers from the Burra and Spalding stations visited the Burra Early Learning Centre in term one, to speak with the children about keeping safe.

Brevet Sergeant Jessica Gerschwitz, Brevet Sergeant Sam Parish and Senior Constable Jamie Lloyde introduced themselves and spoke to the pre-schoolers about what their role is as a police officer in the local community.

They also emphasised the importance of safe practices in all aspects of their lives.

The children discussed road safety, and were given the chance to ask questions. 

Brevet Sergeant Gerschwitz made it clear that police are their friends, are there to help, and to make them feel safe.

She reiterated it was important for parents and caregivers to not send the wrong message to their children about the police, as you don’t want them growing up afraid of them.

They want the children to know that if they are ever in trouble, lost or hurt, they can approach a police officer or visit a police station for assistance. 

The children were then given the opportunity to look at the police vehicles, and to watch and listen to the emergency red and blue lights and sirens. This was a real highlight of the session.

Burra officers, Jessica and Jamie, are keen to visit the Centre on a regular basis, to continue to build on this rapport. 

Burra ELC Educator, Karin Blake, thanked Jess, Jamie and Sam for taking the time to speak with the children, and highlighted the importance of understanding the ‘police are our friends’.

Ms Blake coordinated this session to correspond with a book the children are currently reading titled, ‘Everyone's got a bottom’.

This story book is a tool for educators, parents and caregivers, to gently start a conversation with children about personal safety. 

Everyone’s Got a Bottom is a collaboration between Family Planning Queensland, writer and educator Tess Rowley, and experts from the early childhood and child protection sectors.