Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council reviews waste management

Residents in the southern towns of Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council have, up until recently, had the opportunity to use Rhynie’s temporary waste depot to its full capacity. 

As a result of a visit from the Envrionment Protection Authority on February 20, the depot was closed. 

It was deemed the site had out grown the terms of its agreement and would not be considered to reopen until such time as the site met EPA standards and a new licence was issued. 

This site services the southern areas of the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council region and worked the same way as Clare, with free access, taking general landfill and recyclables. 

CGVC chief executive officer Roy Blight said Rhynie was shut permanently at this stage; council had since cleared the site of all waste, following the meeting. 

If the facility was to reopen, to the standard outlined by the EPA, it could potentially cost ratepayers and council in excess of $500,000.

CGVC development and environment manager Nathan Grainger said the current service in Clare was fantastic for the community, but council would look at better ways to service towns in the southern areas.

Council would now work on a review of waste management services across the region, including all normal, green, hard, recycling and hazardous waste removal. 

Mr Blight said council would call for tenders of professional advisory services to review the delivery of waste management services.

Funds allocated toward a Riverton Transfer Station ($80,000) would be used towards remediation costs of the Rhynie site, handling the additional workload in Clare Waste Transfer Station and the cost of professional services to review the situation. 

Members of the Riverton Community Management Committee showed their concern and rejection for a proposed location of a waste transfer station on Bruce Road, Riverton. 

Mr Blight said potential of waste odour and litter management were two of many concerns the committee raised with council. 

Now, council would look at ways to cater for the southern communities and the inability for some residents to transfer their waste easily. 

As a result of the closure at Rhynie, the Clare Waste Transfer Station has extended its hours to include Thursday, 2-5pm, and Saturday, 8–11am. CWS is also open Fridays, 9am-12pm and 1-5pm, and Sunday, 9am-4.30pm.