State star in rooftop power

South Australian households are increasingly turning to rooftop solar, a report shows, with Angle Vale in Adelaide’s north Australia’s number one postcode for rooftop solar power.

POWER: Barry and Nadia Penney of Angle Vale with local MP Tony Piccolo.

POWER: Barry and Nadia Penney of Angle Vale with local MP Tony Piccolo.

Almost 65 per cent of homes in Angle Vale have rooftop solar installed according to a Climate Council report, and in Virginia and Buckland Park, also in the northern suburbs, 53 per cent of homes have rooftop solar installed.

The figures come amidst Yalumba’s ambitious project to install 5500 solar panels to the roofs of three sites, which recently reached the halfway mark. 

Climate Change Minister Ian Hunter said the figures reflect the state’s support for renewables. 

“It is clear that renewable energy is the future,” he said.

“This is the clear message from South Australian households and their embrace of rooftop solar and from businesses who are increasingly turning to renewable energy.

“We have modelling from Ernst & Young that shows that our leadership on renewables has meant our State will gain the most in terms of jobs and growth from having more renewable energy in Australia.”

Local MP Tony Piccolo said that the region sees the benefits of renewable energy from both a financial and environmental perspective.

“They are clearly shouting the benefits of renewable energy from the rooftops,” said Mr Piccolo.

“These figures illustrate the State’s support and potential for growth in the renewable energy sector.” 

Angle Vale resident Barry Penney, who has installed a 10kw solar pv system, said renewable energy made sense from a financial point of view as well as an environmental one.

“With a 10kW system we are not paying power bills, its free electricity,” Mr Penney said.

“We got solar panels to save money and it’s great for the environment. Solar is very safe and reliable.”