High-speed internet reaches the small town of Crystal Brook

High-speed internet has been switch 'on' in Crystal Brook, connecting the small historic town to the NBN using Fibre to the Node technology.

The upgrade gives 800 homes in the area access to internet speeds of up to 100mbps, approximately ten times the current ADSL2+ average.

To help residents and businesses get connected, Telstra is bringing an NBN Experience van to town next Wednesday and Thursday to help educate people on their internet options.

The van also offers a display of "the in-home NBN installation equipment" required to join and access services offered by the technology.

The launch marks the beginning of a new era for people living in Crystal Brook Telstra's Area General Manager for SA, Mark Bolton, said. 

“[The] NBN can provide the bandwidth needed to get more members of the household online at the same time to stream videos and use a range of connected devices," Bolton said .

"Customers shouldn't have to worry about the technology. Customers just want fast speed internet; they don't care how."

"So that's why we made the price the same regardless of the technology".

Internet services will not automatic transfer to an NBN service, even if customers already have an active Telstra connection Mr Bolton said, urging customers in the region to contact their providers.

As NBN infrastructural development continues throughout the state, more towns will connect to the network until every household Australia wide has access.

"The [nbn] plans are to cover one hundred percent of all households throughout the country," Bolton said.

"The hard to reach places are going to get a satellite service, and you will find most rural customers will have access to that service right now."

Telstra have estimated, "119,000 homes across South Australia will be able to connect to the NBN by the end of 2016".