Donations made to Riesling Trail maintenance are now tax deductible

Riding the Riesling trail [Source: Facebook]
Riding the Riesling trail [Source: Facebook]

Donations made to help the maintenance and development of the Riesling Trail will now be tax deductible in a move intended to increase community involvement in the future of the popular trail.

The attraction, which recreates part of the old railway path from Adelaide to Spalding, is currently being supported by the generosity of volunteers, grants and businesses, but the Riesling Trail Committee hope more funding will aid bigger, and better projects.

“We [need to] maintain a solid financial footing so we’re in a position to get more grants and attract more money from the public,” treasurer of Riesling Trail Committee, Peter Wood said.

“People who donate give us that base to get better grants from organisations, as well as [government] grants,“

Mr Wood said the more the community put into supporting the trail, the more likely they would be able to get the grants and government support they need. 

“If you walk into any government organisation with no money in the bank and tell them you’d like a grant, you’ve got [no] hope” Mr Wood said.

“The Riesling Trail is one of the main reasons people come to the mid north these days as almost as many people come to [the Clare Valley] to ride, as they do to sample wines”

“The grant we get will depend on how much community support we have”

This year the committee seeks to raise over $100,000 with the aid of the mid north community to fund new projects and repair of the trail to its historic path, which will see the restoration of an historic bridge.