Alysha Sparks Photography and Art

Having completed a graphic design course and working within the industry, Alysha Sparks of Jamestown was looking for change. 

Alysha Sparks, Jamestown, is the face behind One Of A Kind photography and also creates her own art.

Alysha Sparks, Jamestown, is the face behind One Of A Kind photography and also creates her own art.

Unsure what she wanted to do or the path she wanted to travel down, she went back to her roots and decided to paint a painting on canvas which she then posted on Facebook to sell. 

It sold within the hour of being online. 

The successful sale of this piece of art had Alysha thinking. She thought about what she loved – photography and art – and decided to do something about it.

Alysha began to follow her passions.

Her journey started after she completed her graphic design course; she finished an Advanced Diploma at TAFE and began working for the Adelaide Crows.

After 12 months she took a position with the Hurley Hotel Group, before deciding to travel for about six months. Alysha returned to the Hurley Hotel Group before branching out on her own. 

“It was all sort of one stepping stone to another… each step seemed right at the time,” Alysha said.   

While working for herself, Alysha asked herself what she loved doing; photography and art were her passions. 

“It was just me, I had no one else relying on me, I had some savings and decided to do it. I took the leap and thought what the hell, if it doesn’t work out I can find a job,” Alysha said.

So, she pulled out the course book and decided to complete as many photography courses and classes  she could before her first wedding shoot took place. 

It has continued to evolve. 

Alysha began to build and develop her business incorporating artwork and photography. 

Throughout the years and during school she would often enter her work in art shows and competitions, so it was a matter of refining and reinvigorating that passion and the skills to get back into the art game. 

Her studio was based at home, in her shed, and was flooded out when a storm hit the town. So, this resulted in Alysha searching for a new studio and, as luck has it, she was able to find the perfect spot on Irvine Street in Jamestown.

She’s now seen driving around town in a van, delivering art and getting to and from photo shoots. 

“Everything happens for a reason.” 

Alysha said she always knew she wanted to do something creative. Career counselling at school all pointed to art. 

“I thought, you can’t make a living from it (art), but low and behold I’m now making money from it,” Alysha said. 

“You get sick of sitting in the office and making people rich, why not make yourself rich on life. Do it while you can, there is no point in waiting around.”