Waterloo Wind Farm stage 2 begins | PHOTOS

The first delivery of wind turbine towers, as part of Waterloo Wind Farm’s Stage 2 development, is expected this week. 

The $43 million project to extend the Waterloo Wind Farm will see six Australian-manufactured wind turbine towers delivered as four sections, with each section weighing 60 to 70 tonnes and stretching up to 27 metres in length. Tower bases and lower sections will be delivered to site first, using specialist oversized transport capable of hauling such long and heavy loads.

Transport vehicles will travel to the Waterloo Stage 2 construction site using local roads approved by Clare & Gilbert Council and SA Police.

Waterloo Wind Farm General Manager, Mr Lindsay Ward, said the delivery of components was technically challenging, given their size and the terrain of the site on which they will be installed.

“Considerable planning and consultation has been pivotal to ensure delivery of Waterloo’s six turbine towers is done safely and efficiently,” Mr Ward said.

Planning for delivery of the wind turbine towers, 120 tonne narcelles and 57 metre-long blades commenced last year, to ensure they could delivery each item safely to site, with minimal disruption to local roads and traffic.

The six towers have been manufactured in Portland, Victoria, by specialist wind technology manufacturer, Keppel Prince. 

Transport is being provided by Salisbury Downs-based heavy haulage transport provider, Rex Andrews Pty Ltd.

“Our approach has been to support the local and wider domestic economy wherever possible through the intentional purchase of locally-supplied goods and services,” Mr Ward said.

“To date, the extension of Waterloo Wind Farm has injected over $3 million into the local Mid North community - a project outcome we are genuinely pleased with,” he said.

Turbine deliveries will arrive at site throughout June and July. Construction of the wind farm extension is expected to be completed by December. For further information, visit www.energyaustralia.com.au/waterloo2