Burra ward: meet your candidates

Three candidates have put their name forward to take on the position of councillor for the Burra Ward, following the resignation of Adrian Gill. 

Dispatch of ballot material will be distributed to voters on Tuesday, January 12, to Monday, January 18.  

Close of voting will be 12pm on February 1. 

Candidate Heidi Thompson believes her significant involvement in the local community, including holding executive positions in the BBH Football Club, BBH Netball Club, BBH Social Club and Burra Basketball Association makes her a strong choice for representing the Burra Ward. 

“I genuinely care about my community and its future direction, and believe that the perspective I bring will complement the current elected body,” she said.

“Being an elected member is not just about making decisions at a monthly meeting – it's about being proactive, passionate, forward thinking and available to your community and its members.

“I think that we need to focus on community sustainability, and managing this appropriately.” 

Helen Szuty has considerable government experience, representing the ACT from 1992-95 as an Independent Member of the Second Legislative Assembly. 

“I have previously stood for election for the Burra Ward for the Regional Council of Goyder in the Council Elections of 2010 and 2014. I am a great candidate because of my demonstrated work experience and general life experience,” she said. 

“Ongoing issues that have already been raised with me include: rates paid for services received; road and footpath maintenance; green waste collection; fire prevention strategies; wasteful expenditure and the lack of communication between Council and ratepayers.” 

Lifetime Burra Ward resident Bill Gebhardt is standing for local council for the first time. 

“As a community I think it is important that we protect the foundations of our economic strengths that then go on to support our schools, ongoing training and employment. Tourism is a primary source of external income for the Burra Ward and we should nurture this to ensure its sustainability,” he said.

“Likewise, agriculture is important to this ward as many of our families rely on this form of employment for their livelihood. I want to work with individuals and groups to progress the district forward and make the whole community prosper.” 

Helen Szuty will be holding a ‘Meet the Candidate’ session at 7.30pm tomorrow at the Burra Hotel. 

You can also keep up to date with candidate Heidi Thompson by liking her Facebook page, “Heidi Thompson Candidate – 2015 Goyder Council”.

Heidi Thompson

Heidi Thompson

Heidi Thompson

Heidi is a lifelong resident of the Burra Ward. Born and raised in Booborowie, Heidi attended high school, and later gained employment in Burra.

Heidi is currently residing in Burra with her partner Boh and daughter Harper. Heidi was an employee of the Regional Council of Goyder for 11.5 years, where she was involved in youth development and community liaison, and a key driver of the Goyder Youth Strategy. 

Bill Gebhardt

Bill Gebhardt

Bill Gebhardt

Raised on his family’s property in Mount Bryan, Bill has lived in the Burra Ward his entire life. “I have many interests in the local area, spanning from agriculture, environment, business development and education,” he said. 

“I have real-life experience both locally and in Adelaide, and I look forward to sharing this knowledge to encourage business and ongoing economic development for generations to come.” 

Helen Szuty

Helen Szuty

Helen Szuty

From 2001-11, Helen was the editor and publisher of the The Visitors Monthly magazine based in Burra.

She is now the spokesperson for the Group of Concerned Burra and Districts Residents and the Ratepayers Action Group.

Previously she was an Independent Member of the Second Legislative Assembly in the ACT. “I believe in accessible, communicative, transparent and responsive local government.”