A girl's night in - Start the conversation

Women from throughout the Clare Valley and Mid North gathered for returned local, Kerry Divine’s, inaugural Girl’s Night In. 

Held in the Clare Valley Racing Club’s main pavilion, the girl’s night was a great success for all who attended and Kerry said she hoped next year would be bigger and better. 

The aim of the event was to talk about women’s health, gynaecological and breast cancer as well as beauty ideals and the importance of talking about these – not keeping them quiet.

Kerry is a health professional herself, working in the pilates industry and is someone who is passionate about women’s health and well-being. “Everyone who attended was really pleased with the event and they want me to do it again. It will be a bigger and better event next year, if everyone who came just brought one friend it would be double the fun,” she said. 

Human Evolutionary Biologist and former Miss Australia Worlds Finalist, Zinnia Janif spoke about “Beauty Ideals” and told the audience to love yourself from the inside out. 

“Zinnia was fantastic, she is passionate about women’s beauty ideals and she hopes to come back to next year’s event,” Kerry said. 

Mignon Sich, a pilates instructor, took the audience through the importance of a strong pelvic floor and had the women in the room participate in a simple exercise to help strengthen their pelvic floor.  

A huge array of prizes was won by the audience. Kerry thanked the generous donations from local businesses including: London Hill Catering, Clare Valley Racing Club, Mundarowa B&B, Travelling Beans Coffee Machine, Spudcutters Poultry, Knappstein Wines, BJ’s Fruit Barrow, Pangkarra Foods, Blyth Cinema, Maggie Beer, Dezza’s Party Hire (Burra Party Hire), Warrick Grove, Mid North Party Hire, Evilo Estate, Open House, Woolworths, Honey Pot Lingerie, 5CS Radio, Northern Argus and special guest speakers, Zinnia Janif and Mignon Sich. 

“Along with all of the beautiful women who came from all over to entertain us, Natalia, Leah, Barbara, Julie, Charmaine, Peta, Kellie, Joy, Lynette, Trish, Christine, Barbara & Krista, and my angels, Glenys, Trudy, Tanya, Laura, Jac, Emily, Sunny & Anne.”