Latest exhibition at the Gallery @ Pikes

A rare and inspiring sister act is charming visitors to the art gallery at Pikes Wines.

Sue and Micky Barlow have their current exhibition at the Gallery @ Pikes.

Sue and Micky Barlow have their current exhibition at the Gallery @ Pikes.

Lifelong friends Sue and Micky Barlow are great mates, linked by family, friendship and a passion for the arts.

It’s a passion that resonates throughout their “Soul Sisters” exhibition which opened last month to an enthusiastic audience.

The pair’s journey began at the age of four, when Micky’s family bought the house next door to Sue’s in Clare.

They went through school together and eventually married brothers, Richard and Nic.

Micky is a self-taught artist who’s been painting for 10 years.

Her broad range of contemporary work draws on ancient Aboriginal traditions and symbols.

“My art comes from the heart,” she said.

“It’s all about country, family and issues that impact Aboriginal people and families today.”

Sue has been making intricate jewellery for 25 years.

Her style has naturally evolved as she has explored the many techniques associated with her craft.

“Preparing for this exhibition has been a wonderful journey of discovery,  a source of endless joy,” Sue said.

“Soul Sisters” runs until November 23 at Pikes Gallery, Polish Hill River Road, Sevenhill, via Clare, which is open 10am to 4pm daily.

Pikes’ next exhibition will showcase the works of Clare High School’s year 12 SACE students.

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