Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council ordinary meeting

On location meeting in Stockport

It was Stockport’s turn on Monday night for an ordinary Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council monthly meeting to be held in the town. 

A community tea was held before council’s meeting with about 30 locals turning out for the occasion. 

CGVC chief executive officer, Roy Blight said following the tea, Stockport community members were given the opportunity to speak and ask questions in an open forum. 

About 12 community members then stayed on for the council meeting. 

Mr Blight said community members asked about the stormwater management in Stockport and what council was doing surrounding this issue. He said council was able to explain and comment about the work they had undertook with Australian Water and Environment Authority. 

Mr Blight said various options had been looked into including a levy on the eastern side of town (Tarlee side) to direct any stormwater south of the town. 

He said they would work further with the authority to complete designs, with a view to include it in the 2017/18 budget. 

“It’s always good to have that interaction. A new audience and some new faces which was good,” Mr Blight said.

Earlier in the year, Auburn received a visit from council as part of its scheduled town visits program, there are no more planned visits for the calendar year. 

Colours of Clare

CGVC ratepayers will soon see activity following the unanimous pass of the Colour of Clare project. 

Councillors moved: That Council endorses the Colours of Clare project packages contained within this report. That a project plan for the approved packages including financial requirements and timelines be prepared for consideration by Council. That Council’s Administration provides Council with quarterly updates on the implementation of the projects and budget forecasts. 

Mr Blight said there would be a range of projects from this which would be underway soon. 

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