Commonwealth Games 2014

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Strong field of pruners

Strong field of pruners

Good technique, more than speed, was the key to winning this year’s SA Pruning Championships.

On the edge of your seat

On the edge of your seat

Expect to be impressed with the increased picture and sound quality when the Blyth Cinema begins screening new ...

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Success for SA Country

Success for SA Country

Five players from the region were a part of the South Australian Country side who were victorious over ...

NAFA: Pies fly on Simpson six

NAFA: Pies fly on Simpson six

Jamestown-Peterborough put Crystal Brook on notice on Saturday with a stunning 54-point win at Victoria Park. See all ...

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Northern Argus Classifieds
Northern Argus Classifieds
Northern Argus Classifieds


Name the possum mascot

Keep your eyes open for a “Common brush tail possum” spotted around the Clare Valley.


Night Moves

Kelly Reichardt turns her cool, critical, appraising eye on ecoterrorism in a complex political thriller.

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Film review: Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys (M) *** Director: Clint Eastwood. Cast: John Lloyd Young, Vincent Piazza, Erich Bergen, Michael Lomenda, Christopher ...

Freedom to act responsibly

As an Australian media outlet, the Northern Argus generally enjoys the freedom to report activities in the region ...


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